Athena’s Army – an Alliance for Good

Are you part of Athena’s Army, the Movement to Reclaim the Sacredness of Women?

Athena’s Army is a name given by Licia Berry to an alliance of women who seek their True Power in a world that seeks to oppress it.  This alliance is part of a movement, and is one of Light, consciousness, and the Aquarian model.  Women who seek to change the world aligned in the Aquarian dynamic of partnership, balance and respect for All Creation will be attracted to the library of work created by Licia Berry, which contains multiple offerings designed to empower human divinity.  The courses and books in Athena’s Library are designed to support True Humans in reclaiming the feminine in our world.

JOIN Athena’s Alliance: Issuing the Call for Athena’s Army

Membership in Athena’s Alliance begins each year on the June 21 Solstice, and includes training and programs, live interaction, group and individual support, and being part of the movement to reclaim the feminine on Earth.

Join Now for our introductory rate of $47 per month (July 1 goes up to $97 per month) and have access to:

  • Licia Berry’s celebrated signature courses in Athena’s Library (courses are delivered in sequential order for the duration of one year, from the start of your membership) in this order:
  • One group call per month with Licia Berry, Mother of Athena’s Army
  • 30 minute personal call with Licia
  • entry into Athena’s Army Facebook Group
  • An ebook copy of #1 international best seller I Am Her Daughter
  • Bonus audio and video for members only every month
  • A value of over $1700 for just $425, (or choose the monthly option of $47 per month!)

Join NOW, cancel at any time (however, you won’t want to) for only $47 per month (until July 1, then the price goes up to $97!)   Join prior to July 1 and enjoy your rate of $47 ALL YEAR.


Pay $425 for the entire year and receive 3 months free!  

Enrollment begins June 1, and courses begin June 21. You will be automatically enrolled when you join. Courses will be delivered and invitations will be made to you via email and Facebook.



Are you a woman with a calling? Want a Personal Mentor?

If you are a woman with a burning desire to serve in the world…with a message that will benefit All Creation, and you want more personal support to get there, Athena’s Alliance includes the Mentoring Program.  Athena’s Army Mentoring is designed uniquely to your needs in order to support you in claiming and expressing your authentic voice and purpose, and to SHOW UP in the world!

Licia Berry accepts a limited number of women each year under her wing to personally mentor and instruct in the discipline of self-mastery.  For women who seek to know themselves and to express their True Power.  Together, we can create a community of women who empower themselves to live an Aquarian model of respect, partnership, and self-responsibility in All Creation.

Athena’s Army Mentoring Program

Now, more than ever, we need to get our game on.  It’s time to step up into our power!  

For those who are ready to PLAY in the Big Playground, that means dealing with the habits and patterns which have prevented our showing UP.  

While I offer packages of hours to be used at your discretion and pleasure, my Session Subscription Service includes 3 full 45 minute sessions per month.  This is excellent for women with a drive to be heard and seen, with a burning passion to be of service. If you feel as though you can’t make your mark on the world, as if something is in the way of your full-on expression, then this mentoring service is designed uniquely for you.  If you are ready to shine your light, own your life’s purpose, and take off the invisibility cloak, step up!    

The motivation for my mentoring service is that it is focused on your goals, directed by your intention…and frequent contact and individualized support make for miraculous results. 

Your investment in your actualized self-expression is $495/month, and includes 3 full 45 minutes sessions with Licia. Billed monthly until you feel ready to FLY.  Cancel at any time.

Apply for the Athena’s Alliance Mentorship Program here.

Who is Athena?

Goddess of war and peace, wisdom and ethics, Athena is an inventor and artisan, the Goddess of order and bringer of civilization. Though a war Goddess, She participates only to defend right order and to bring justice.
Athena face

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