How often have you said, “When I’m ready…” in answer to an opportunity to grow?

How often have you judged yourself as incomplete, unworthy, “not enough” to reach for what could have been your next great leap?

But how perfect will we ever be?

 Right now, right here….this is where we start.

We will never achieve a “perfect place” from which to launch our dreams.  As with all things in Nature, we are constantly becoming.  Yes, there is right timing, but we always have to start where we are to become anything new.  We must step into the unknown to realize our vision. 

Who, or what will you become if you keep waiting until you “are ready?”

Step out.  Step up.  The world is waiting.

I’ve designed The Frontier Inside eCourse just for you to be your travel guide in the pilgrimage to your True Self.  Discover who you really are, on YOUR terms…and your strengths, your Special Powers, and treasure within.  Join me.



Do you feel the calling of your soul?  Perhaps a Vision Quest is in order!

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