Day 14 – Sunday, April 07, 2013

It has been two weeks since our lives were altered by my son Jess’ accident, traumatic brain injury and emergency brain surgery.  In case you missed the beginning of the story, you can start here, “A New Definition of Allowing.”

Our family is experiencing the inevitable shifting and fall out that occurs after a trauma; fortunately, we are very close and able to talk and process and cry as needed.  The acknowledgment of the immense change as well as the violence with which it happened is a key piece of healing.

Part of the roller coaster ride is the ever-changing emotional picture; sometimes it is a feeling of shock, other times grief or anger, other times joy and gratitude.  Mostly it’s the feeling of being run over by a truck, though.  I am told this will pass eventually…the vigilance and the constant adrenaline for those 9 days would exhaust the most conditioned athlete.  And that I am not!  However, I AM quite conditioned to access the realms of our being that are non-physical and loving support.  I relied on my connection with that realm constantly while the crisis occurred.  As usual, I was held and comforted and guided exquisitely.

Friday evening, as I was finding my new normal, I went on a walk…I’d had a very hard day.  The night before I had a dream of demons hunting my family, and having to stand my ground and ward them away.  Looking at my dream more closely with my inner guidance, I was told that the demon in my dream was my fear of loss.  It is true that fears can become something that feels very real solid, like a haunting companion that stays in the shadows and disappears when we turn around.  I know from my work that thoughts of any kind can form into something solid, and this is represented physiologically by the neural pathways that strengthen and become more solid with repeated thought and experience.  My fear of loss had become more real since Jess’ accident, and my subconscious was telling me to battle it.  This is important in changing any thought pattern that doesn’t serve us.

So I took my leave of my family (Peter was home from work and so could be with Jess, who requires 24/7 supervision due to the danger of falling and re-injuring his head) and went for a stroll around the neighborhood to gather myself.  I noticed I was a bit wobbly, still finding my center after the apparent body slam that our whole family received.  Ahead, I saw a digital speed reader, something that had been placed on the side of the road to discourage speeders.  There were no cars on either side; the street was empty of traffic or people, which was lovely for me.  I needed the quiet to be with my thoughts.  As I neared the speed reader, the number seven flashed up on the screen, then disappeared.  I looked behind me to see if a silent bicycle rider or very-slow-car was creeping up on me…nothing.  And I certainly wasn’t moving at a 7-mile-per-hour pace.

Electronics are a frequent means of communication for the more subtle energy realms.  I have discovered that the electrical currents are like waves that non-physical energy can use to surf into physical reality.  Since water conducts electricity, places that have lots of water are frequently inundated with non-physical opportunities to communicate or have mystical interactions.  Our own bodies have an electrical make-up, and the electrical system of our brain is able to be accessed, especially if we stay hydrated.  As a person who values science and evidence-based practices, I have researched and compiled quite a body of knowledge about the physical properties of reality that allow interaction with the non-physical realities to occur.  And my work with whole brain communication arose from this earnest search for answers about why some of us have ease in accessing non-physical reality while others don’t even believe it exists.  It is our right brain that processes this kind of experience.  I watch as my left brain wants to give you an explanation of this from a scientific or psychological perspective, which I honor as a valid language to describe mystical experience…but the language is not adequate as a validator of the experience.  The experience happened, and there are a million ways to explain it, perhaps every one of them valid.  But because the right brain understands things from a holistic, connective and intuitive perspective, it sees pattern and weaves it into meaning and story, and accepts mystical experience as just another everyday truth.

So I came home from my walk and looked up the number seven in my symbolism resources, and several things stood out.  Among them, the 7 Archangels considered to be the “main dudes” lit up on the page, an experience that I have that seems to emphasize a body of information that is important.  I sat with this until I went to bed, then at my nightly prayer time, I quieted my mind and felt a loving presence in my heart, soft and pink.  I listened with my inner ear and asked for a name, and “Archangel Chamuel” was what I saw/heard.  This was a new name for me, so I asked Peter to look him up (Peter always has his smart phone next to him).  Pete described an Archangel that is known as “the love of God”, that heals the heart and repairs relationships, as well as dissolves negative self perceptions.  Interestingly, the day before, I’d been guided to set an intention to love myself unconditionally by my higher power.

So I listened to this blissful presence of love in my heart as I fell asleep and had the best night’s sleep since the accident.  The words I felt being repeated to me were “I will heal your heart”, and I welcomed this loving gift.

The next day, Saturday, was a happy, energized day for me.  I did a little more research on Chamuel and found so much pertinent information.  I also learned more about the number seven and how it reflects what we’re going through.  As usual, the connected universe communicates to us that we are supported, that there is a larger pattern, and that there is guidance to help us through if we’re willing to listen.

Tomorrow, day 15, Jess begins his outpatient therapy and Brain Gym sesions at home with me.  Stay posted for his progress!

Jess’ “Healed and Whole” medical fund is 54% funded!  Please spread the word about this remarkable kid who walked out of the rehab hospital 9 days after his trauamtic brain injury and brain surgery.  He is an inspiration.



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