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APRIL 14, 2014

An amazing Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses begins tomorrow on April 15 at about 2:00 am eastern. A Tetrad of eclipses is when there are four of the same kind of eclipse in a row; this is unusual as there are other kinds of eclipses such a penumbral and partial eclipses. We will have 4 total eclipses between tomorrow and September of 2015.

The larger energy picture is dynamic as we all know…April has already delivered the promised intensity. The astrologers speak of the Grand Cardinal Cross and the incredible pressures that old structures are withstanding, threatening to break and crumble away at any moment. In the scheme of things, the old will make way for the new, and this is a good thing.

In our personal energy, we will feel old ways of thinking and old emotional energy that we have stored away in our bodies coming to the surface in response to the larger pull. Old grief, old anger, old old old….Sometimes it is good to keep what is old (if it serves you), but anything that is contrary to your true Original Design will come up as a red flag and be brought forward into your consciousness for review.


I’d like to say a bit about anger. With Mars so very close to us and now this “Blood” Moon, I feel we are being asked to clean up our ideas and beliefs about anger, to find balance. Some pop spiritual approaches say that we shouldn’t feel anger at all, and yet we do because it is part of life to feel anger sometimes. So we stuff it deep into our bodies. Emotions are chemical responses in the body, and if we allow them to move through us, we are done in 90 seconds according to neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor, author of “My Stroke of Insight”. But if we suppress our emotions, we also suppress the chemicals that should have been released, creating pockets of toxic energy that rob our cells of life force. Over time, old emotional energy in the form of toxins can change the way we perceive and think, and eventually make us sick and even kill us.

Incroyable Hulk

This is an excerpt from my 2012 book, SOUL COMPOST:

“Anger is an energetic response to our limits being reached and our inner compass being challenged. For example, anger is the response when something is taken away from you, or when you see someone being treated unfairly due to discrimination. Anger arises when injustice occurs because it is non-life affirming to deny or denigrate any part of Creation.

“Anger is also what spurs us to action, as long as we allow the anger to move us. To correct the wrong that made us angry to begin with is the result of divinely expressed anger. And it can be done well, with firmness and kindness, but with no question about its strength. When we feel anger but then talk ourselves out of doing anything with the call to action, we become lethargic, depressed.

“Anger was meant to be expressed through and out of the body, resolved, and released. The healthy expression of anger is frequently halted by people who have been traumatized by unhealthy expressions of anger. Unhealthy (or not divinely inspired, or life affirming) expressions of anger, as well as NO expression of anger (when it is genuinely felt) can both be a problem. Anger expressed in a healthy, divinely inspired way resolves issues, corrects imbalances, and releases energetic conflicts, freeing all parties to move forward.

“We can express anger by saying “No,” by disagreeing, by pouring our love into a cause, or by moving our body, all of which are calls to action. Action is the natural result of the expression of anger. Action is a dynamic of masculine energy, and when action is informed by the feminine (who is concerned for the good of the whole), that action will serve the good of the whole. It therefore serves the whole when we express our anger in partnership with the feminine dynamic, whose devotion is to keep the balance and health and holiness of All Creation.”
-Licia Berry, from “SOUL COMPOST”, 2012, available HERE or on Amazon for Kindle

flying dove

So it falls on us to stay conscious, no matter what we are feeling emotionally…in the case of anger, to go ahead and feel angry, but be conscious about it rather than retreating into unconscious beliefs and patterns about it. We all say that we want peace, but remember that peace sometimes comes after we express our anger…the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings in South Africa are wonderful testament to the powerful peace in release of righteous and appropriate anger through being heard.

This is a chance to change our energetic circuitry…when we encounter the threshold of a trying situation and stay conscious, we can literally rewrite the energy pattern of our luminous body, freeing ourselves of our old programming and changing our lives forever. What a gift and opportunity right now!

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