It is an extraordinary window for making change! My intention and prayer this month is to let go (been practicing that one since Winter Solstice,) and “Please just show me what is in my greatest good.” Lots of trust and surrender. It’s working. REALLY working. Truly an incredible month already as the impediments to our success are being brought to our face, demanding resolution. Will we fight to hang on to our old selves, or allow the greater force of life to guide us? Life is very, very smart, and it is waaaayyyy bigger than we are, so it is prudent to let go.

When we set our intentions in alignment with the great intelligence and then let go of whatever argument we may have inside (whether a belief, and energetic obstacle, old emotional energy, or other impediment), we are guaranteed success. When all of our parts are in agreement and alignment, it is GONNA HAPPEN.

“April’s wild ride of energies can feel like your undoing or you can approach it with an open mind and a willingness to shift old methods. Consider, then, how you can be more allowing and in the moment with what shows up. Become mindful of when you are in your head and intellectualizing solutions – and invite spirit to help you let go.”

How can I help you enjoy your wildest success?

Join in my explosive Intention Setting PEMS 3 teleclass! Recorded courses, practice sessions, trouble shooting and all kinds of love, support and hand-holding from yours truly.  We are 2 classes in, but it isn’t too late to take part in this revolutionary time of change!!! WORK THE WINDOW, BABY! PEMS

OR, if you’d prefer private, individual guidance and facilitation, schedule a phone/skype session with me. I’ll lovingly track your intentions and the response of your energy body, and work out the kinks with my gentle (but determined) Mama Bear heart.

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