My longtime readers know that I started posting what I called “Energy Updates” back in 2004 on my website.  A sensitive and empath since birth, I feel the pulses of the cosmos and have learned over lots of years of trial and error how to translate and articulate them; while I initially did this for myself, later I offered what I knew in hopes that I could help others feel they weren’t loony (as I did for many years until I knew what was happening to me).

I posted almost every day, and included what I perceived as pertinent to our energetic experience on earth; this included the solar and lunar activity, energy windows that I called “portal days”, and other significant energetic prompts that might affect how we sensitive earth folk felt on a given day.  At the height, my website received over 350,000 hits per year, enjoying a global readership and referrals from several other big websites in the spiritual/inspirational/energy management categories.

But I noticed something; my work, which was done in the spirit of inquiry, discovery, truth and offered only after rigorous testing by personal experience and observation, was attracting some people that I didn’t feel good about.  I noticed a theme; a desire to “escape earth” and to be somewhere different than here.  I heard the term “ascension” thrown around a lot, and it was associated with an almost fairytale-like hope that all the bad stuff in the world would magically go away someday.  Many of these people felt it would happen on December 21, 2012.  What was concerning to me about all of this was that these people were looking to something outside of themselves to change their lives.

It is very tempting to hope that our life can be instantly better.  Many people struggle with chronic illness, or depression, or loneliness.  Many people are impoverished, oppressed, or simply unhappy.

But here’s the problem; the challenges won’t go away all by themselves.  I’ve had a life full of very real experiences of feeling my reality change, but only because I decided to do what was necessary to change it.  Whether it was to change my mind through therapies, or change my body through diet and exercise, or change my marriage or family through (sometimes drastic) action, I have changed my life because I was unhappy with it.  It took time…sometimes I had to get very, very unhappy with it before I was ready to do what it took to really, really change it.

I can safely say it was never easy.  There really is some truth to that old saying, “Few things worth having can be got easily.”  I worked so hard, and lost so much money, opportunities, and relationships; but what I got instead was my integrity.  I learned that I can work hard and be rewarded with the fruit of my labor.

And so, I wrote a book called Love Letter in 2007 (and added to it in 2008) to answer some of the people who seemed frightened or a bit fantastical in their hopes.  It is a book that is so comforting, yet so sane and practical, that the “spiritual” community did not take to it.  It is a book that does not deliver promises of “ascension” or deliverance from this world, but instead offers hope and paths to delight as we commit and  become one with this world.  Remembering that the only way out is through, I read this book now and see that the information that came through me was spot on, and truly lovely.  My hope was that some of the disappointment that I’m reading about now could be avoided, since as it says in the 1st chapter of the book, “…what we can tell you is that so much water will run under (and over) the bridge by the time 2012 rolls around, it will not be that special a day.  Well, it will be a special day because every day is a special day!”

My feeling and experience these last few weeks indicate that we have indeed birthed a new world, and I feel encouragement to take good care of ourselves as we have done big work!  This new world is another “level up”, if you will.  A higher vibe, a greater chance to be love and connect with spirit on an every moment basis.  My experience was that I felt the struggle to get to this place; when I would check in and open myself to spirit, I heard so many competing voices, as if I were running the gauntlet and there were crowds of nasty, un-life-affirming energies on either side, trying to prevent me from getting to the end of the line.  It took immense concentration and commitment, over and over, to get to the light at the end.  I imagine  that many of us faced similar opposition and potential distraction as we made our way down the birth tunnel.  I’m very happy that we’re here, and looking forward to what we create in this new world!


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