My journey has been full of twists and turns, that’s for certain!  And like a soul cartographer, I’ve been obsessed with recording it since I was very young, whether etched in my photographic memory and in the landscape of my body, captured by my cameras, secreted in the pages of my journals, drawn in my art, or written in my blog and articles over the years.

And I’ve shared a lot of it with you, my readers.  It’s my great joy to hear from you that something I’ve offered from my journey has inspired, encouraged or educated you in yours.  My mandate to tell others what I’ve learned is supported when I receive your feedback.

Now I’d like to ask for your feedback in another way.  Spirit has asked me to spend the summer publishing several ebooks and to finish writing the feminine/masculine book (the one that came through the 81 collages in summer of 2010).  I want to fulfill this request in my desire to be of service.  I need your help.  I need to be undistracted by the daily concerns that pull me away from the deep space I need to be in to write this material.  Every time I have to pull back up and out into the world, it takes more time and effort to get back into the creative space to write.  That dark, juicy space where the good information is can be challenging to access if I’m constantly attending to the needs of mundane life.

I’m asking you to support me while I dive deep to retrieve this information on behalf of humanity…yes, I need a diving buddy while I swim down into the dark inner sea to retrieve the treasures at the bottom, someone to monitor my oxygen at the top to make sure I can make the journey safely and completely.  I do this for all of us.  I invite you to be a diving buddy.

I’ve created a Kickstarter campaign with a modest goal to cover my expenses this summer.  Would you consider supporting your deep sea diver?  If you’ve enjoyed my writing over the years (which I offer as a service to you), please take a look at my campaign and see the goodies I will give as thanks for your support.  And I thank you.

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to write for you since 2004.  It’s my hope and prayer that my offerings are of support to you.  Thank you for supporting me.

Join in on Licia’s Kickstarter campaign!

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