I recently led a half-day Whole Brain Communication seminar for 90+ professionals at a conference in Orlando; of course, it helps the bottom line to be reaching and accessing our potential through using our whole brain.  But what winds up occurring in my business workshops is that folks realize they are wiser about other areas of their lives than they thought!

As these professionals made their collages using my unique whole brain technique, they began to notice some themes in their collages that spoke loudly for a vacation!  This particular conference was held for professionals that serve as administrative helpers; these are people who are constantly “on”, forever at the beck and call of the staff they support.  Like OR nurses, social workers, or mothers of many children, these professionals are prime candidates for burn out.

And which part of the brain speaks loudly of the need for rest, balance, connection with the finer things?  The right brain does.

The left brain seeks to complete tasks, attain goals, and cross things off to-do lists.  It is delighted with a never ending task list because it sees the completion of the tasks as a worthy pursuit.

And it IS a worthy pursuit.  If we didn’t have the left brain organizing and giving directions, we would never get anything done.  The left brain is the sequential, logical, goal-oriented mover and action taker.  We need the left brain to give us direction and focus us towards getting things done.

But the right brain is connective, abstract, holistic, sees meaning and a greater picture.  It knows the value of the senses, rest and relaxation, bliss.  The right brain is the part of us that processes mystical experience and helps us understand that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  The right brain gives us a sense of meaning in our lives because we feel our passion, and our passion is what drives our action.  Or, this is how it should be.

We frequently tend to favor one hemisphere (called “brain dominance”) to the exclusion of the qualities of our other hemisphere.  And we ARE using both hemispheres…it’s just that our culture values the input of the left brain more than the right.   If we are in the habit of dismissing the input of our right brain, we can miss some very important information.  Information that makes our life worth living.

How often people come to me for consults wringing their hands and knitting their brow, while agonizing over their purpose!  “What am I doing here?  What is the meaning of my life?”  These are people who have forgotten the wisdom they have inside of their own brain.

My response is to put them into whole brain postures (ala Brain Gym and Psych-K), have them ask themselves a few key questions, and BAM.  The answers they have been seeking are suddenly apparent to them.  This is what I do in my whole brain communication retreats, too.  The surprise on their faces as they realize they had the answers all along is priceless.


And this is why the group in Orlando made collages showing the need for vacations!  Images of beautiful beaches, sunsets, crystal clear water, gardens, hammocks, cocktails and lounge chairs made their way onto their work.  For people who are always in service to others, this is a clear right brain message that rest and rejuvenation are needed, and that some “ME TIME” is called for!

We really are so very wise.  If we take the time to listen to the valuable input of both of our hemispheres, we have a whole picture of our balanced and fulfilled existence.

You are brilliant.  You have the answers you seek inside of you.

Being balanced is ideal.  Moving in the world with only half of the information is not such a smart idea if we want to feel whole and live a happy, actualized life.  Access your brilliance!

Schedule a Whole Brain Communication retreat for your group or business!  Contact Licia Berry for more information and a quote today!

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